Top Physical Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is one of the most popular and common played by a wide range of ages all over the world. It does not require a lot of techniques as well as physical strength to take part in a session of golf. While it seems like it does not require players to move and react a […]

Why Golf Is A Good Choice for Women

Golf is a healthy and interesting sport. However, too many women are unaware if the benefits that playing golf can offer them. Follow this article to explore why golf is a good choice for women. 1/ Golf Is A Way of Exercise Playing golf can help you achieve you ideal weight since you burn a […]

How to Master Golf

Golf is easy to start but not so easy to master. That’s why you are here. Take a sit, spend 2 minutes to read the following tips and apply them in the next game. You will see the difference! Tip 1: Know How to Align the Shot One of the simplest method to tell who […]

PGA of America: fitness to the fore

David Donatucci’s goal is simple: Educate the PGA of America’s 28,000 members about fitness. Founded in 1916, the PGA of America is a nonprofit organization that promotes the game of golf while continuing to enhance the standards of the profession. It is comprised of more than 28,000 men and women professional golfers dedicated to promoting and […]