10 common injuries for golfers on the golf course

10 common injuries for golfers on the golf course

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Playing the golf is quite different from playing any other sports activities which require more effort and time. People usually consider this game as the most interesting game to relax after the overload of working and studying. This game can help them escape from the hustle and the bustle of their life. Although the golf is very easy to play, which don’t need many skills; it is more frequent to have the injury. Some people don’t think that playing golf can cause the injury. Today, we will show you 10 common injuries for the golfer on the golf course.

1.    The back pain


It is frank to say that almost all people have the risk of being back pain in their lifetime. The proportion for the golfer is much higher than that of other people. When you focus on playing the golf, the pressure will concentrate on your muscles and spine. A golfer usually has to spend about 5 hours in the bent over the stance to repeat the same action for many times. Therefore, it is undeniable that people can have the strains which are minor in their back which can cause the injuries.  To protect your back, you should do the exercise such as stretching and strengthening your back.

2.    The tendinitis in your elbows

The irritation and the inflammation of the tendon tissue or the tendinitis is one of the most common things that can have an adverse effect on your elbow. In some cases, people call it as the tennis elbow. The percentage of being tennis elbow is equivalent to the age of the golfer which can increase more and more.

3.    The knee pain


The knee pain is not the strangest thing for the golfers because people usually take the use of the knee to keep them stable. The knee pain is not very difficult to find out the most effective treatment. All that you have to do is that you should go to the hospital to see the doctor and he will give you the prescription. Furthermore, you also need to stretch and rest to reduce the symptoms of the knee pain.

4.    The rotator cuff

In some situations, you may feel hurt in your shoulder and your upper arm. With this type of pain, people can take the use of the drug which is considered as the anti-inflammatory or even surgery. In addition, you should make the combination between alleviating the symptoms and preventing the injury in the future.

5.    The wrist injuries

Playing the golf will require you for a frequent motion as well as the high speed which can increase the risk of injury. To prevent this, people should read the instruction of the manufacturers.

6.    The hand and the finger injury

Apart from above injuries, people may get the injuries on their hands and their fingers. To deal with these injuries, people can learn the right grip and try to avoid using the ball bashing for a long time. Furthermore, they shouldn’t hit the ball which is off of the artificial mats.

7.    The neck injuries

The neck injuries are more common for the golfer. To reduce the risk of the neck injuries, you can warm up your muscle and take a short break after playing and practicing.

8.    The foot and the ankle injuries

Via the golf swing, the body plays an integral part in playing golf. There are many symptoms that you can get during the process of playing the golf such as the blisters, inflammation, and the tendinitis. Therefore, to tackle these symptoms, you should wear the proper clothes which can make you feel more comfortable.

9.    The hip injuries

People rarely look after the hip because they think that there is no problem with this part. However, the truth is reverse that can influence it. The golf needs a wide range of the control via the adductor muscle and the gluteal muscles.

10.    The sunburn

As we knew, when we take part in the golf, we have to stay outside for a very long time. Therefore, the sun can adversely affect your skin that can lead to skin cancer.

In conclusion, here are some injuries that the golfer can acquire. Hope that after reading this article, people can understand more about this game to take everything into the consideration before participating or having a good preparation for it.

Post Author: Lester Happer