About Authority


My name is Lester Happer, and I used to be a professional golf player.

I retired my career back in 2005. After then, I traveled alot around the world and met many interesting people. To my surprise, golf, a noble sport as it used to be, is becoming more and more popular around the world, especially in the developing countries such as China, Brazil, Russia and India. But on the contrary to its growing popularity, people neglect the importance of learning the basics of golf as a sport. For these people, golf is more like a social communication tool than a sport. Therefore, I decided to make a website about golf, so everybody can learn how to play golf right. I hope this site will become a “Golf for Dummies” kind of reference for everyone who falls in love with this sport.

This blog will be solely developed by me. All articles will be written by me, but if you have good ideas and stories to let other know, you are welcomed to write to me at carr@carradalegolfclub.co.uk.