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What do aerial photography, mapping, modern Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies and golf course superintendents have in common? To answer that question fully, it's necessary to look at one of golf course management's most vital tools: the map. The dusty, faded course map attached to the office wall, vaguely reminiscent of a yellowing museum display, has faithfully provided a wealth of information to golf course planners. Such essential information, however, now is being combined with technologies from the aforementioned disciplines, propelling course and community management capabilities into the 21st century.

The printed course map is used constantly for a variety of functions such as irrigation and landscape planning as well as maintenance of greens, tees, and fairways, etc. Although invaluable, modern technology is making the printed map an outdated tool. For example, IntraSearch Inc., an aerial photography and digital mapping company, through a partnering affiliation with GroundLinkx LLC, a golf course maintenance solutions company, is helping to provide accurate data to golf courses and communities via integration of digital mapping and GPS technologies.

How It Works

IntraSearch acquires up-to-date high-resolution aerial photography of a golf course and collects six to nine ground survey points with precision-grade GPS receivers. The company then uses the points to remove inherent distortions from the aerial photographs.

"With less than a dozen GPS points collected within an hour, we create a photographic map of the course with accuracy equal to or better than a golf course 'walk-around' survey made, from 200,000 GPS points," says Mike Platt, IntraSearch president.

A popular component of the system is the tournament management module, which was selected for use at Pebble Beach for the 2000 U.S. Open as well as five other upcoming U.S. Golf Association tournaments. IntraSearch completed updated aerial photography of Pebble Beach earlier this year.

By combining the accuracy of georeferenced aerial photography and digitized mapping with GPS-linked database technology, an accurate and essential tool can be created for golf course and industry professionals. What the computer was to the manual typewriter is a good equivalent to what georeferenced mapping is to the traditional course map.

Georeferenced aerial photography helps create an accurate, robust and updatable digital mapping system. A correctly georeferenced base map allows for accurate representation and surpasses walking around with GPS equipment for days and providing unreliable results at best.

On the Carts

Another application of georeferenced aerial photography and digitized mapping is showing … Read the rest

GolfBuddy GPS Brands: All you need to know about it

Any tennis guitar player desiring to up their meet should keep guesstimation in the regular membership property or home. Learning accurately how far you will be from the pin number, holding out bunkers, ordinary mineral water potential issues or a lay-up can be significant to keeping yourself your rates down and you glowing all the approach to the 19tl say goodbye to. The more strong approach to attain this is often utilizing a globe of golfing Menu - the closest issue you can secure to a super mixture rifle.


These gizmos support you interviewer your workout administration by using cable television set concept to screen pin-point backyard body force measurements of your stance so you know how to possess your subsequent impression. Period to the entry ways, inner or lower back again of fruit and vegetables is obviously par for the series but substantially even more high-priced layouts manifest to become flashier features than Ian Poulter’s pants. Some arrive with hole-by-hole previews, dyes touchscreens and can quite often rank how spot-on your golf swing is certainly obviously.

You’ll find a world of world of golf Navigation program tools to arrive to be either a smartphone-sized handheld or, thanks a lot to the large of the wearable notion, crammed into great watches. The handhelds appear to end up being larger but make available increased festivity, while the wearables will be overall whole lot considerably more pleasant and significantly not as intrusive.

We took to the first tee to check away from the collection of brethren; credit rating credit rating them on consistency, ease-of-use and whether their features will get game-changers or gimmicks.

Golfbuddy Style VS4 Review


Golfbuddy, the founder of speech world of golf GPS found in Eu, possesses recently launched the brand-new VS4 and we’ve taken an important first of all glance analysis at just it.

If you’re in the marketplace for a little, mild and easy-to-use tennis GPS that may be placed and made use of any technique you like, you might merely want to put the VS4 down on your list to Santa (or only enter our exceptional Golfmagic competition… but whole lot more on that at the end of this critique).

Golf buddy reviews have tweaked the style of golf's primary ever speaking GPS spine from 2012, the GolfBuddy Tone of voice, by giving it to shoppers in either vivid white/money or maybe white/green. … Read the rest

Top Physical Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is one of the most popular and common played by a wide range of ages all over the world. It does not require a lot of techniques as well as physical strength to take part in a session of golf.
While it seems like it does not require players to move and react a lot, there is a huge range of physical benefits that players can get from this game such as stronger heart and bones.
In addition, playing golf is a good chance to burn calories and reduce weight. Read on to learn more details about the significant benefits of this kind of sport. Here is the list of what you can get when you play golf:

1/ A Way to Lost Weight

Although golf does not require you to do a lot of intensive actions like other sports such as tennis and football, it does help to you lose a huge amount of calories.
First of all, you have to walk a lot as long as you don’t use the golf cart. Can you imagine that for each golf session, you have to walk from around 6 to 8 kilometers?
When walking for that amount of distance, you can burn around 300 calories.
Not to mention that you also have to carry a heavy set of clubs, which can help you to burn even more calories.
Finally, with all the swinging, you can even burn up to 1000 calories.

2/ A Stronger Heart And Lungs

As I mention above, when you play golf, you have to walk and do a lot of swinging actions. All of these contribute to enhancing the health of your heart as it needs to constantly pump to supply blood for these various actions. In the long run, when your heart is active, you will lower your risk of getting heart disease.
In addition, when you burn fat by walking and playing golf, you have a good chance to reduce the level of bad cholesterol, hence increasing the health of your heart even more.
Furthermore, when you play golf in the green with trees and ponds around, you have the chance to breathe in the fresh air. Your lungs will be able to wash off all of the toxins and dirt while taking in the new fresh air.

3/ A Better Vision

Even when you use the support of a laser … Read the rest

Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinders In 2018 Updated

Golf rangefinders have become almost indispensable to golfers be it professionals or amateurs. Now that top sports companies are paying great attention to the needs of golfers, it has become even more easier to achieve a great game of golf. All you need to do is pick the right golf equipment for yourself.

Golf rangefinders use laser technology to exactly pinpoint the target and give you the precise distances. As there are numerous companies producing rangefinders of various caliber, it is best if you check the product golf GPS before buying a rangefinder.

We have compiled below the list of Top 10 best golf rangefinders in 2018 so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to buy for yourself or gift your golf buddy a highly useful golf rangefinder. So, go ahead and peruse all the information tailored just for you. Here are a few products of major brands: Bushnell Golf GPS Reviews, Leupold, Nikon..etc..

  1. Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

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Bushnell is a well-respected brand in golf equipment manufacturers and lives up to its name with its Tour X Rangefinder device also. This device offers you exchange technology to give you the advantage of the slope when needed and at the same time make it tournament legal when needed. Based on lighting conditions in the background you can change the display from bright red to black also.

Warranty: 2 years

  1. Bushnell Tour V3 Standard Edition Golf Rangefinder


Tour V3 Rangefinder is another hugely popular golf rangefinder from Bushnell. It is tournament legal too. Tour V3 has a magnification of 5x and gives rangefinding performance of 10 to 1000 yards.

Warranty: 2 years.

  1. Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder


Nikon excels in its optics as usual and its COOLSHOT 40i is truly a gem in golf rangefinders. The HyperRead feature in this rangefinder is a cool feature that provides very quick measurements that are super stable in just about half a second.

Warranty: 2 years.

  1. The Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder

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The Pro X7 Slope rangefinder from Bushnell ensures that you surely know it when the flag is hit by using its powerful PinSeeker technology as well as its JOLT technology which enables the slope feature in this rangefinder.

Warranty: 2 years.

  1. The Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

The 8397 ACULON Laser rangefinder is super light and handy. Also, with Nikon's great optics, this rangefinder gives clear … Read the rest