Golf Courses Can Be Good Places for Weddings

Golf Courses Can Be Good Places for Weddings

Deciding on the perfect location for your wedding is always a challenge and wedding at golf courses can be an exciting choice. Golf courses may not always be the most chosen spot to exchange “I do’s”, but a lot of people love to be in these places because of the fact that these offer a peaceful aura and green environment. Golf courses offer breathtaking views and spots that can certainly add oomph to the whole wedding celebration, particularly during photo shoots. Aside from gorgeous landscapes, newlyweds can also enjoy a lot of advantages in having their wedding in a golf course.

golfcoursewedding-300x2251. Sumptuous treats – there are a lot of restaurants in nearby golf courses that are offering delicious meals and food choices that you might not usually find in local restaurants. Food shops in golf course areas offer a variety of food choices from Mediterranean, Japanese, American, French and some others that you and your guests will surely love. However, despite such choices, make sure to opt for food type that your guests are familiar with. It’s not actually the best time to experiment on food during this momentous event, particularly that food is always one of the highlights in every wedding occasion.

2. Incredible wedding cakes – though this means food, having the best wedding cake in town is not usually obtained from 5 star restaurants that offer mouth-watering viands and courses. These wedding cakes are mostly ordered in renowned and reputable pastries shops that offer incredible options of wedding cakes at reasonable prices.
3. Spacious and lovely conference rooms – this is a fact because most conference rooms in nearby golf courses are mostly chosen by newlyweds in nearby towns due to affordable prices, roomy areas and state-of-the-art facilities. These conference rooms also offer picturesque spots and angles.

4. Budget-friendly – this is usually expected since most golf courses are located in the suburbs. If you are into a special wedding day without sacrificing your honeymoon, getting budget friendly wedding events at golf courses might always be the best choice.

These and more are just some of the advantages that you can enjoy when you opt for weddings at golf courses. There are already a lot of newlyweds in the past years that find these locations mesmerizing. After all, golf courses are naturally enveloped with lush environment, great environment and breathtaking spots that add more memories to the event. With a wedding at golf courses, you could actually use sheath wedding dresses or simple elegant wedding dresses that can be found and purchased from online bridal stores to blend with the environment. You don’t really need to don a garish get-up to look beautiful during that day. All you have to do is look confident and feel the love in the air.

The Advantages of Using LED Lights in Golf Course

The Advantages of Using LED Lights in Golf Course


A lot of business establishments are now enjoying the benefits of LED lights. While it can be remembered that web lighting has dominated the lighting industry for the past few years, its main patrons only came from households using LED lights in their parking lots, kitchens and living rooms. Today, with the advent of more sophisticated LED lights in the country and competitive LED manufacturers, a lot of people, including the government, and private and public business establishments, are now into the use of LED lighting system. Here’s a rundown of what business entrepreneurs including those who have their own golf courses see in LED lights that they didn’t in other types of lighting system.

As mentioned above, LED manufacturers including Philips, Cree and Bai are technically so competitive these days that they’ve been developing a lot of LED lights that offer different state-of-the-art features that suit its purpose. For one, LED lights that can also be used as street lights are now capable of emitting higher amount of light when pedestrians pass by the area, making it safer the latter to walk in the spot at night. There are also LED lights that blink during emergency situations, and these are technically programmable to determine the type of emergency scenarios that it can detect. On the other hand, a lot of golf course owners and clubhouse managers are amazed of LED’s automatic lighting systems. Recent manufacturers of LED lights have introduced a LED lighting system that automatically goes OFF when there is no single person is left in the room. This can reduce the amount of time of surveying the area for lights that have not been turned OFF before leaving the place. There are also programmable LED lights for light setting purposes. These can be dimmed or changed in color when the scenario calls for it. Such features of recent LED lights have made it more convenient for managers and business owners to choose the best lighting system that are helpful in the place’s innovative and flexible uses because these can adjust well during conference sessions, cleaning sessions or even romantic moments.

Other important advantages of LEDs include longer lifespan and more energy efficient. Research shows that a LED lighting system in a regular golf course can stay at its best even after 20 years. Talk about convenience and savings! Furthermore, LED lights come in a variety of colors from red, blue, green and many others, to choose from. With these advantages, you can be confident that LED lights offer more other than just illuminating your golf course.

Learn to Play Golf

Learn to Play Golf


Golf professionals make the game look easy and breezy. It seems like they just stand there, prepare for hitting and whack! there goes the ball across the still sky, over the meadows and into the hole. Amazing and totally unchallenging, right? But did you know that the likes of Tiger Woods did not obtain their skills overnight? Years and years of exposure and practice of the game make them experts and pros in it, making the game look breezy and stress-free, when in fact, it’s actually difficult. If you want to know golf, here are some things that you can do in order to play golf the right way and to increase your skills in the future.

One of the best ways to learn how to play golf is to enroll in golf courses. These are offered in certain times of the year for a particular period of time, which usually lasts for weeks only. Having this option is a surefire way to know the basics of the game, its history, etiquette and proper positioning and the techniques needed in order to hit goals. Though this option can be pretty pricey, this is the most recommended one if you want to learn from the pros. Most golf courses are actually handled by pros, so you also get to meet them, interactive and play with them and learn from them.  Meanwhile, some pros offer courses at package rates, so this will be best if you have a companion who can share the rate with you while the both of you learn together.

If you are not that dying to know the game and you want to take things slowly sans the fees, you can always ask help from your friends who look equally amazing in the golf course. Just make sure to ask them nicely and set schedules according to their most convenient times. Giving them snacks is one way of showing your gratefulness to your free coach.

Try hitting the ball in a semi-golf course first. This is where both inexperienced children and adults play golf in the park. The activity is just to help you get familiar with golf, especially with regards to handling and positioning of the club. This is a fun option sans pushing yourself to too much stress of being able to play with the game well. You can also check out some online tutorials. These days, everything that you need is already found on the web.