5 Tips For Being A Good Baseball Coach

Baseball coach is not an easy job. No matter you are training for a high school team or a college one. There are still plenty of things to learn and you have to possess lots of good qualities to be an excellent one. Hence, in this article, we will give you 5 tips for coaches in baseball that may help you in the path to becoming a good coach.

5 tips for being a good baseball coach 1

1. You have to be very fond of youngsters

Young people have many great characteristics. They are very energetic, open-minded and learn things very quickly. They can be more passionate and ambitious than old people. But at the same time, they can be a tad unpredictable and undisciplined, which makes it very hard to coach and work with them. If you do not like and care for your players, you cannot be patient enough to teach or coach them.

2. You have to be utterly enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is a must for any baseball coach and for any job. Baseball should be a very fantastic game to you and working with your players should make you very motivated and excited.

3. Patience and persistence should be parts of you

Having enthusiasm is great, but then you have to keep it and try not to lose it. There is a chance that your players were born talented, yet without your hard work and effort, they will not be able to blossom and take advantage of their talent. It is great not to give up on your kids and it takes a lot of patience and persistence not to do so.

4. Being fair is a must

Baseball is a team sport, which means you have to unite every single player in the team to get more chances to win. If you are not fair to anyone in the team, jealousy can be created and unity can be destroyed.

Everyone wants opportunities to show their abilities and you should give them a fair chance to do it. In addition, you should treat your players equally to make them feel respected, especially the second team. In many situations, players in the second team are the ones who principally lead you to the victory, so it is better not to under estimate them or any player in general.

5. Express your emotions

When you are coaching and managing a team, you may have lots of … Read the rest

Baseball for kids : What equipment do you need ?

Baseball is a great sport for kids. Our children can enjoy themselves a good time outdoors and improve both their bodies and their minds. But as in any sport, baseball requires suitable equipment. While some may look affordable, others seem to be considerably expensive. So how can we find for our kid baseball equipment needed to play the game and fit our budget? And can they still provide appropriate safety? If you are in need of a right choice in this dilemma then the article will be profitable for you.

While it is a rather safe sport, baseball still may bring in many chances for injuries. In order to neutralize this problem, a suitable set of equipment will protect your kids from risky incidents of the game. But is it really necessary we have to purchase brand new, top – of – the – line products? And if we find cheaper alternatives, will they be enough to safeguard our kids from possible injuries? We will point out now some essential steps to help you get a set of baseball equipment suitable to your kids. And through these, you may find the answers to all your worries.

1.    What do you need?

A simple question yet quite important. This will decide how much money you have to spend. For this question you have to ask your kids and get some insight on their position line – up and the overall requirements of their team.  Some baseball team may provide equipment for the entire team with a fix amount of contribution from each member but otherwise, you have to purchase them yourselves from outside sources. But in most cases, there are several specialized equipments that baseball players need: Gloves, bats and helmets. They may also want knee – guard, leg – guard, chest – vest for certain position such as the catcher.

2.    The quality of baseball equipment needed to play

Well, here are you biggest problem: you want to protect your kids as well as possible but you also don’t like idea of spending a huge amount of money. It’s not really mandatory that you have to look for high – level gears, a kid don’t need equipment designed for adult uses. In fact you can find suitable equipment at every intermediate brand and store. With good exercise and careful play style, your kids will have a fun time without … Read the rest

Batting Helmets : How to pick the correct size

Every sport has its own safety precautions. Same can be said about baseball. In this particular case, we are talking about the batting helmet. Still, batting helmets have a great variety of size. An incorrect choice about your batting helmet size may make you feel uncomfortable or unable to provide the appropriate protection. Having a hard time picking ones? Then you will probably find this article useful. Today, we will provide a short and effective guide on how to decide the precise batting helmet size for your head.

First, let’s talk about its designed purpose. This piece of equipment proves to be vital to you well – being if you ever got hit in the head. But that is if it fits in nicely on your head. If the size is too big, it will be loose and easy to get knocked off or gets in the way of your vision. If it’s too small, it makes your head feel tight and presents great annoyance to your concentration. But if you follow these instructions below well then you will have no problem deciding the correct size for our batting helmet.

1.  Measuring your head circumference

Your head circumference will be a deciding factor in your search for batting helmet size. So how can we measure it? Get yourself a tape measure and put it around your head but be sure that it lies above your eyebrows and your ears. This may offer quite an obstacle to do it alone so we suggest that you ask a friend for assistance or stand in front of a mirror.

2.  Conversing the figures into batting helmet size

After you have your head circumference measured, it’s time to converse them into helmet sizes. By doing this, you can have a general idea about what size you are looking for and reduce the size ranges you need to check. Here we have a suggestion table consisting of your head circumference and the corresponding helmet size and size range.


Conversion Table
Your head circumference Helmet size Size range
20 to 20 – ½ inch XS 6 – 3/8 to 6 – ½
20 – ¾ to 21 – ½ inch S 6 – 5/8 to 6 – ¾
21 – ½ to 22 inch M 6 – 7/8 to 7
22 – ¼ to 22 – ¾ inch L 7 – 1/8 to 7
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Batting Cage Practice

To baseball players and enthusiasts alike, batting cage is a good place to improve your skills and strength. Batting cage practices will help you adjust your forms and develop your senses so that you can perform better. But in order for this exercise to be actually efficient and effective, you need to fulfill certain requirements. In this article today, you can find important information that will provide you with an adequate understanding about those requirements. And we will also give out some tips and tricks that will allow you to fully exploit the usefulness of a batting cage.

Batting cage practices is a nearly universal drill to take if you want to get better at this sport. However, it’s not as simple as going in and starting swinging. You need to set out certain elements that will happen in a real game. This is how you can readily adapt you experience from practices to real situations. So let’s take a look at some common ways to make these practices look real.

  • Distance: The distance between the cage and the pitcher or pitching machine should be the same as in a match
  • Pitching speed: If you are employing pitching machine then make sure the machine speed should be approximately set to a human pitcher
  • Fair and foul: Set up markers so that you can tell the swings is either good or bad.
  • Batting tee: When using tees, ask someone to see the trajectory of your ball. Some solid hit may turn out to be naught in long flight.

Well above are requirements that you need to takes to stimulate a match. Now let’s check out tips and tricks that when combined nicely with those requirements will substantially increase your playing style. It’s not really difficult though, just a few things that you may want to concentrate on when you are practice in a batting cage.

1. Batting cage practice first note: Timing

If you swing either too fast or too slowly, you won’t hit anything. We all know that. But how can you really get a good timing on the swing? First try to imagine the way that the ball comes toward you. The swing is all about eye – hand coordination. If your eyes can see where the ball coming from and your brain are can visualize the trajectory then your swings have a very good … Read the rest