Why Golf Is A Good Choice for Women

Golf is a healthy and interesting sport. However, too many women are unaware if the benefits that playing golf can offer them. Follow this article to explore why golf is a good choice for women.

1/ Golf Is A Way of Exercise

Playing golf can help you achieve you ideal weight since you burn a great amount of calories while you play. Golf is not about extreme and intense exercises. It's more about endurance, which makes it easy to learn for everyone. In a normal game, you have to walk for 1.5 - 5 hours, depending on the quantity of holes you want to play. A typical player can burn about 1500 calories each 18 holes he plays.

2/ It's One of the Most Social Sports Ever

During a round of golf, you have plenty of time to have a little chit chat with your friends or partners. Golf players usually are a member of a particular club. And since most golf clubs have competitions, members are encouraged to meet, talk, share and socialize. Therefore, golf is considered one of the most social sports that have ever been invented. And the more new friends you make, the more interesting your golf games become. And a golf club is a good starting point.

3/ The Atmosphere Is Fresh

Golf requires you to be outside all the time and the playing areas  are usually surrounded with a lot of trees. Therefore if you are a golfer, you will breathe in fresh air for a long period of time. If you are in a closed place for a long time, you will breathe in the same air which contains toxins when you breathe out. The oxygen level will decrease continuously when you exhale and let carbon dioxide and other toxics out.

4/ You Will Love the Sunshine

Being outside to play golf means you get expose to the sun. Sunshine will not only enhance your mood, improve sleep but also be the main source of Vitamin D - an important micronutrient for your health.

5/ You Can Wear Fashionable Clothes

A lot of women agree that women's golf clothes are sexy and very classy. And the best news is they are not too expensive. Who can resist polo shirts, cut off - trousers and shorts? These types of clothe are suitable for women at any age. Moreover, golf does not require women to wear tight clothing like many other sports.

6/ Entering Competitions Is Fun

Golf is a high skill game which requires both physical and mental ability. You can learn and participate in a competition whether you are young or you are a senior citizen. In fact, playing golf is a secret that keeps you healthy, fit and active during your retirement.
In conclusion, golf is a sport for everyone including women. Playing golf greatly benefits you in various aspects: health, social life and relationship. What are you still waiting for? Register for a club and start your first golf game right away. One last tip to remember: do not forget to invite some friends to play with you. The more friends, the merrier.

Post Author: Lester Happer