How to Master Golf

Golf is easy to start but not so easy to master. That's why you are here. Take a sit, spend 2 minutes to read the following tips and apply them in the next game. You will see the difference!

Tip 1: Know How to Align the Shot

One of the simplest method to tell who is an amateur golf player is to look at how he align the shot. A lot of people make their shoulders parallel with the target. Some choose to align their feet right at their target. Some even think they should align all they have at their target. Of course, all of them are definitely wrong!
Here are three steps to get things aligned correctly. First of all, you should always start by assessing the target from behind the ball so that you could have an overview of the entire hole. This will also help you have a good view of the place you want the ball to go. In the next step, make sure that you set the clubface behind the ball before you get into the actual stance. The clubface should be aligned directly at the target. And remember that you have to do these things before, not after you make your stance.
If you notice, you will see that PGA tour players are supported with a knack that helps them align the clubhead. Pay more attention and learn from them in the next game. Once you have done a perfect alignment, it's time to take care of the rest of your body. Professional players always align their upper body part parallel to the target line and their lower body part to the left of the target line.
Although there is no standard formula that will fit you 100%. But we can assure that you should never align your body directly at the target! It rarely works that way. In fact, this position is likely to cause crossovers or over the top swings. Start by aligning your body to the left of the target line then adjust the rest of the body until it works best for you. And do not forget to align the clubface in the first place.

Tip 2: The Secret Behind Choosing A Suitable Club

Another deadly mistake of amateurs is that they often select a club based on its length. In other words, they will choose longer clubs for longer holes and shorter clubs for shorter holes. In fact, picking the right club is more complex than that. Professional players know that they have to take into consideration natural shot tendencies, wind, hazards and hidden dangers lurking in prime areas.
Moreover, they also consider the type of approach shot. Even the hold might be 365 yards long only, a good drive can leave a 70-80 yard approach. The professionals also try to shot with a 3 wood because of it greater likelihood to hit the fairway, compared to what a driver shot can do. According to the new rules, it is essential to perfectly hot the fairway.
What do you think about these tips? If you have other tricks to become a better player, please share with us.

Post Author: Lester Happer