Why Golf Is A Good Choice for Women

Golf is a healthy and interesting sport. However, too many women are unaware if the benefits that playing golf can offer them. Follow this article to explore why golf is a good choice for women.

1/ Golf Is A Way of Exercise

Playing golf can help you achieve you ideal weight since you burn a great amount of calories while you play. Golf is not about extreme and intense exercises. It's more about endurance, which makes it easy to learn for everyone. In a normal game, you have to walk for 1.5 - 5 hours, depending on the quantity of holes you want to play. A typical player can burn about 1500 calories each 18 holes he plays.

2/ It's One of the Most Social Sports Ever

During a round of golf, you have plenty of time to have a little chit chat with your friends or partners. Golf players usually are a member of a particular club. And since most golf clubs have competitions, members are encouraged to meet, talk, share and socialize. Therefore, golf is considered one of the most social sports that have ever been invented. And the more new friends you make, the more interesting your golf games become. And a golf club is a good starting point.

3/ The Atmosphere Is Fresh

Golf requires you to be outside all the time and the playing areas  are usually surrounded with a lot of trees. Therefore if you are a golfer, you will breathe in fresh air for a long period of time. If you are in a closed place for a long time, you will breathe in the same air which contains toxins when you breathe out. The oxygen level will decrease continuously when you exhale and let carbon dioxide and other toxics out.

4/ You Will Love the Sunshine

Being outside to play golf means you get expose to the sun. Sunshine will not only enhance your mood, improve sleep but also be the main source of Vitamin D - an important micronutrient for your health.

5/ You Can Wear Fashionable Clothes

A lot of women agree that women's golf clothes are sexy and very classy. And the best news is they are not too expensive. Who can resist polo shirts, cut off - trousers and shorts? These types of clothe are suitable for women at any age. Moreover, golf does not require women … Read the rest

How to Master Golf

Golf is easy to start but not so easy to master. That's why you are here. Take a sit, spend 2 minutes to read the following tips and apply them in the next game. You will see the difference!

Tip 1: Know How to Align the Shot

One of the simplest method to tell who is an amateur golf player is to look at how he align the shot. A lot of people make their shoulders parallel with the target. Some choose to align their feet right at their target. Some even think they should align all they have at their target. Of course, all of them are definitely wrong!
Here are three steps to get things aligned correctly. First of all, you should always start by assessing the target from behind the ball so that you could have an overview of the entire hole. This will also help you have a good view of the place you want the ball to go. In the next step, make sure that you set the clubface behind the ball before you get into the actual stance. The clubface should be aligned directly at the target. And remember that you have to do these things before, not after you make your stance.
If you notice, you will see that PGA tour players are supported with a knack that helps them align the clubhead. Pay more attention and learn from them in the next game. Once you have done a perfect alignment, it's time to take care of the rest of your body. Professional players always align their upper body part parallel to the target line and their lower body part to the left of the target line.
Although there is no standard formula that will fit you 100%. But we can assure that you should never align your body directly at the target! It rarely works that way. In fact, this position is likely to cause crossovers or over the top swings. Start by aligning your body to the left of the target line then adjust the rest of the body until it works best for you. And do not forget to align the clubface in the first place.

Tip 2: The Secret Behind Choosing A Suitable Club

Another deadly mistake of amateurs is that they often select a club based on its length. In other words, they will choose longer clubs for … Read the rest

PGA of America: fitness to the fore

David Donatucci's goal is simple: Educate the PGA of America's 28,000 members about fitness. Founded in 1916, the PGA of America is a nonprofit organization that promotes the game of golf while continuing to enhance the standards of the profession. It is comprised of more than 28,000 men and women professional golfers dedicated to promoting and increasing participation in the game of golf. Donatucci has been appointed to serve as the new Director of Fitness and Performance at the PGA Learning Center, located at the PGA Village in Port St. Lucie, Florida "My role is twofold," says Donatucci. "One is to provide physiological education to PGA of America members and apprentices. And the other is to provide a diagnostic and training facility for golfers of all abilities." Donatucci spent the last six months helping to renovate and expand the fitness and performance center adjacent the PGA Learning Center.

The PGA of America leads the golf industry in helping golf professionals maximize their performance in their respective careers, be it teaching, managing golf courses and pro shops, or conducting tournaments. And now, by adding fitness to their package, they are destined to become a leader ingolf-specific fitness education as well.

Donatucci was hired to design an educational program to introduce PGA of America members to the basics of golf fitness, and to provide a tool for the members to help them understand the physical motion of the golf swing. This will educate them on how the body moves and how changes made in the body can help expedite improvements in their students' golf swing. The premise of a golf fitnesseducational program for PGA of America members is to show them how to initially diagnose the physical limitations of their students through a golf fitness evaluation. It then shows them how to create a plan to reduce or eliminate those physical limitations toward optimal swing mechanics.

Donatucci will also work closely with the PGA of America golf schools to help evaluate students' physical abilities and design fitness programs for them.

All the current research demonstrates a correlation between certain movements in the body and how it affects the golf swing," says Downatucci. "We are trying to establish our programs as part of a golf school, so the initial setup would be a physical evaluation of the player through a series of body-weight movements. For example, we may

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The Golf Workout : How to build a better golf body using the equipment at your local health club

You can walk into any health club in America and see the same 20 pieces of exercise equipment. But simply working through a cycle of weight machines probably isn't going to help your golf game. There are 32 major muscle groups involved in the golf swing, but not all gym equipment is designed with the golfer in mind.

On the following pages, I'm going to show you how to use the equipment in your local gym and tailor it to a golf-specific workout. If you are starting a program, I suggest going through this training four days a week, for 30 minutes a session. A Monday-Tuesday/Thursday-Friday program is recommended. You don't have to do all these exercises during every workout, but try at least one from each major group: back, legs, abdomen and arms.

The biggest difference between golf fitness training and general fitness training is that after each exercise of 12 to 20 reps, a golfer should complete a stretch that corresponds to the muscle he or she is working. This allows the blood to flow to the muscle and encourages good flexibility and stamina. You want lean, pliable muscles, not bulky ones.

  • On the course

Late in the round, when the pressure is on, the last thing a golfer needs is to be hunched over. A strong back and shoulders provide the posture needed in the address position and the all-important ability to repeat your swing.

  • In the gym

On the golf course, back problems are as common as bogeys. Nearly every muscle in the back is employed during a swing. There are four things to remember when working on your back: stretch first, squeeze your stomach muscles while you execute the exercise (the ab muscles complement the back), exhale as you perform the rep (not after) and avoid being hunched over.


This is one of the best exercises for golfers. Sit tall and upright. Keep your shoulders back. Now pull the handles toward you as if you were rowing. If the machine you're using allows you to work one arm at a time, do that.

  • On the course

Strengthening your arm muscles will increase your clubhead speed, which will lead to increased length off the tee. Stronger arms also help you execute shots around the green and from the rough.

  • In the gym

Many arm exercises can be done without the aid of gym equipment,

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