The Casey Martin Decision

The Casey Martin Decision

Casey Martin has won a place in the 2012 US Open

The Supreme Court made the proper decision, ruling for Casey Martin and his golf cart and against the PGA Tour (Bunker, June 8). Golf is about shotmaking, not walking. Walking is no more a part of the game of golf than seeing, and the PGA allows eyeglasses, contact lens, even surgery to improve vision. Jack Nicklaus claims that walking without artificial assistance is an important part of the game, yet he plays with an artificial hip he had installed a few years ago when he could no longer walk without debilitating pain. How quickly he has forgotten.

Jack Nicklaus thinks the seven U.S. Supreme Court justices who decided in favor of Casey Martin would change their mind if they went out and played golf. I think the better suggestion would be for the two dissenting justices, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, to play golf with Martin, just to watch him go through the ritual of preparing what is left of his leg for a round of golf. Not only might it change their minds, but they might also locate a heart they are obviously lacking.

So Frank Nobilo equates performance enhancing drugs with riding a cart? I think Nobilo needs to be tested for drugs! Good grief, Frank, this is golf, not a marathon. There are water and fruit on every tee, and somebody else is lugging your equipment. Playing golf on the PGA Tour just isn’t the endurance test you think it is. But I can understand why you are afraid–there are a lot of disabled golfers who regularly break 70. Put a lid on it. You are making the game look horrible.

Post Author: Lester Happer