Top Physical Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is one of the most popular and common played by a wide range of ages all over the world. It does not require a lot of techniques as well as physical strength to take part in a session of golf.
While it seems like it does not require players to move and react a lot, there is a huge range of physical benefits that players can get from this game such as stronger heart and bones.
In addition, playing golf is a good chance to burn calories and reduce weight. Read on to learn more details about the significant benefits of this kind of sport. Here is the list of what you can get when you play golf:

1/ A Way to Lost Weight

Although golf does not require you to do a lot of intensive actions like other sports such as tennis and football, it does help to you lose a huge amount of calories.
First of all, you have to walk a lot as long as you don’t use the golf cart. Can you imagine that for each golf session, you have to walk from around 6 to 8 kilometers?
When walking for that amount of distance, you can burn around 300 calories.
Not to mention that you also have to carry a heavy set of clubs, which can help you to burn even more calories.
Finally, with all the swinging, you can even burn up to 1000 calories.

2/ A Stronger Heart And Lungs

As I mention above, when you play golf, you have to walk and do a lot of swinging actions. All of these contribute to enhancing the health of your heart as it needs to constantly pump to supply blood for these various actions. In the long run, when your heart is active, you will lower your risk of getting heart disease.
In addition, when you burn fat by walking and playing golf, you have a good chance to reduce the level of bad cholesterol, hence increasing the health of your heart even more.
Furthermore, when you play golf in the green with trees and ponds around, you have the chance to breathe in the fresh air. Your lungs will be able to wash off all of the toxins and dirt while taking in the new fresh air.

3/ A Better Vision

Even when you use the support of a laser rangefinder, you have to adjust your eyesight and pay attention to the ball as well as the targets from yards away.
Therefore, playing golf is also a chance for your eyes to practice to increase your accuracy. Over time, your eyes would be able to see objects from a far distance.

4/ It Has Less Chance of Getting Injuries

Golf is a leisure sport which does not require competitive and intensive movements. Therefore, you have less chance of getting injuries like any other team sports.  You will be able to remain healthy all the time.
That is all about the physical benefits that golf can bring to you. Overall, it helps to build a strong body from both inside and outside. It could help you to manage your weight as well.
Besides the physical benefits, there are also many other benefits such as having a chance to go outside and creating and strengthening relationships with other people.
If you decide to take part in golf, I assure you that you are making one of the best decision that will affect positively your health for many years to come.

Post Author: Lester Happer